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We feel obliged to the principles of our quality policy and our daily work.

We are a customer oriented Company.
We live from our customers.

Our customers are entitled to:
  • Expect a friendly and polite approach
  • Receive an expert consultation
  • Expect us to listen to their needs and wishes
  • Look forward to a prompt and correct provision of services
  • Await that every complaint is handled quickly and non-bureaucratically

Our main goal is to be a top-quality company in every aspect. Every single employee takes every effort to meet the top quality standard of our company. This is expressed in particular by constant top quality and standard of our products and services.

Our greatest assets are our employees. We want content and motivated employees who are proud of their own achievements within the company. This can only be realized in a climate of openness, trust, cooperation and communication. Each individual is expected to show initiative and responsibility to help in further development of our colleagues.

We are an innovative company – we take every effort to constantly improve and optimize our products and services and to anticipate new customer needs at an early stage.

To ensure the existence and steady development of our company, and therefore our jobs, we have to gain profit.

Keeping our independence and being free in our decisions will always be the company’s priority.

We admit to fairness in business life and to a fair cooperation towards customers and suppliers.